Keratin Tip

The use of keratin for the bonding of hair extensions is very popular around the world. It is, in fact, considered the most traditional, best known and used system for extensions. Our extensions are pre bonded with substance, which is produced in our laboratories, as the result of polymeric blends that make our long lasting keratin bond.

  • Straight
    The demand of extensions with the Keratin System by those whose hair is naturally straight is due to the often thinness, fragility, scarce volume and difficulty to set of the hair. The insertion of locks with the Keratin System, thanks to its uniformity of length and thickness will allow the wearer to obtain a thicker and fuller head of hair. Granting any new haircut or style desired.
  • Wavy
    The demand of extensions by those whose hair is naturally wavy is mainly to add length, volume and overall a more natural wave to the hair.
  • Curly
    The demand of extensions by those whose hair is naturally curly is due to the often dryness, frizziness and overall brittleness of the hair.


This is a particular extension system composed by 5 parts ready to be used. The special feature of this method is an immediate application through clips. Each pieces has clips sewn onto them, which makes the application quick and effortless.


It's a strand of natural hair of 4cm in width and a weight of 2.5 grams per piece available in the entire range of colors of Femme Hair Extensions, with a patented adhesive that allows you to integrate the extension into the hair being thin and almost invisible. This is the quickest hair extension technique available in the industry.


The base weave of a weft is a sewn strip of hair that weighs 100 grams. Femme Hair Extensions offers the weft in the range of natural colors and in straight and wavy textures.


Femme Hair Extensions i-tips are bonded with a keratin tip shaped into a cylinder. Each individual extension is attached to your own hair with a micro bead. These extensions are offered in all of the range of colors and in straight and wavy textures.

Fantasy Colors

Fantasy colors have become more popular in later years due to the spread and awareness of having a healthy head of hair. The extensions allow you to add any desired color while avoiding damage to your own hair. Aggressive processes like bleaching often weaken the hair structure making it difficult to restore the hair back to its natural color.